Client Service Principles

In serving our clients, we follow a simple framework: Be, Do, Have. How do we want to BE? What do we need to DO? And what outcomes do we want to HAVE?

Our desired outcome is to always HAVE enthusiastic clients, excited about the differences they have made for their people and their clients. To achieve this outcome, we adhere to the following service principles:

In client projects, we will BE:
Client-centered — basing decisions and actions on what the clients’ needs and expectations are.
Value-driven — always evaluating the collaborative solution to ensure it is providing the value and impact desired by the client.
Hands-on — serving as an extra, objective resource with involvement to the level desired by the client.
Responsive — being accessible to clients when specific needs arise and being timely in our response to those needs.
Creative — helping clients gain a fresh perspective on issues and challenges and working with them to develop practical and effective solutions for their environment.


“Throughout their work with us, they leveraged their
background within the profession, but were careful to
understand our firm culture and designed a unique
solution that would work for us...”

What we DO to achieve results with our clients:
Listen — We listen for understanding, for ideas, for pain, for perceptions, for opportunities. Through listening, we strive to gain a greater understanding of the clients’ experiences and the true goals they are trying to achieve.
Facilitate solution development — It is important for us to have customized solutions, not “canned”, “off the shelf” approaches. Each firm is unique in its culture and this demands collaborative solution development that actively engages the client.
Communicate — In working with clients, we strive to be team members, making sure key stakeholders are informed and involved throughout.
Build organizational competence — we believe in working ourselves “out of a job” on specific assignments. The best solution is often to help firms unlock their potential to perform at higher levels and help them develop their systems, processes, and talents to create and sustain change.
Exceed expectations — We strive to go above and beyond to help our clients succeed.


“...You treated us the way we like to treat clients
and your follow up was second to none.”

— Gordon Krater, Partner
     Plante & Moran, PLLC


Our Mission
is to help individuals and organizations achieve superior business performance through customized consulting, training, and coaching.

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