Organizational Development Consulting

Drawing on our background and experience in the professional services field, we work with organizations to create, manage, and implement positive change to achieve organizational goals. Our consulting services include providing assistance in the following areas:

Talent Management
Merger Integration


“Diane and Tom helped us with an important strategic planning
project that was both challenging and complex. They started by
facilitating a diverse group through a process that helped to shape
the topic and developed a program to implement throughout the
firm. They were helpful in identifying appropriate measures to track
results and followed up with us to ensure our success."
— Leslie Murphy, Partner
     Plante & Moran, PLLC

Firms often experience hurdles in defining strategy or, more commonly, in implementing and executing the strategy once it is defined. We help firms in both areas. Our approach is to collaborate with the firm to explore the existing strategy, identify the highest area of opportunity for impact, build an action plan for progress, and support execution through quick wins and longer-term actions.

Attracting the right candidates and making the right hiring decisions is critical to a firm’s success and also one of the most difficult business processes. With our proven HR experience, we help firms organize an effective selection strategy and build their competence and confidence to execute it successfully.

Talent Management
Most professional services firms today recognize that their people are key to their success and their most important asset. We work with firms to develop and implement performance enhancement initiatives that increase the value of that asset. Incorporated in that work is collaborating with the firm to ensure that the right management processes, tools, and techniques are in place to enable them to manage the asset wisely and effectively.

Talent management areas of focus include:
Core competencies (skills) and contributions (results)
Performance assessment tools
Performance and career development processes
Re-recruiting top performers
Succession planning
Coaching and mentoring processes and tools

High performance firms retain their talent. We work with firms to develop and implement people strategies that positively impact retention. Our approach is to focus on the firm’s employee value proposition (EVP) — those things that an employee desires and finds motivating, propelling them to higher levels of performance. We help firms “pull” EVP levers in their environment that will increase psychic income, significantly raise an employee’s exit price, and enhance retention.


“As trusted advisors to PKF North American Network, Diane and Tom
play an integral role in the design of our strategic HR vision. Based on
their first-hand knowlege of how to run an HR department at a high growth
public accounting firm, they have helped us develop practical
approaches and tools, which translate into real value for our members...”


Studies have shown that companies with high performance cultures outperform their peers. We work with firms to help them define and create a culture of high performance — an organizational system that encourages, motivates, and develops people to work cooperatively to accomplish their organization’s purposes and objectives in accordance with its values. This, in turn, leads to improved organizational performance and superior business results.

Merger Integration and Transition
The success or failure of a merger often hinges on how well the cultures of the merged companies blend. We help firms contemplating a merger evaluate culture compatibility. We also help firms that have made the merger decision but need support in an effective transition. In supporting firms in this situation, we work with the collective leadership to develop and implement people strategies that will enable them to successfully evolve into a stronger, more dynamic, unified organization, capitalizing on the best of both cultures.


“...Whether serving as a sounding board or helping
us mastermind the next great HR offering for our
members, Diane and Tom are indespensable.”
— Kristen Stein, Director of Learning and Development
     PKF North American Network

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