Curriculum Development
A professional services firm, simply put, is a conglomeration of people. Thus, one of the firm’s most significant assets is the capability of their people to deliver business results. Having a development curriculum that supports professional growth in the four key contribution areas for a firm is critical to achieving a competitive advantage through its people. To help firms more proactively support their people in growth and development, we work with firms to be sure their training curriculum and learning opportunities will help their people succeed.


“Diane and Tom have proven to be exceptional. Their training sessions
are interesting and informative, as evidenced by consistently high ratings
they receive from our participants. They are flexible and always willing
to listen, a true pleasure to work with...”


Workshop Offerings
To support some of the most common needs in the professional services firm environment:

Building Interpersonal Skills for Effective Management
Feedback for Future Action
Developing Coaching Capabilities
Strategic Selling


“...We would recommend Tom & Diane to any
organization that desires to provide quality
training to their staff."
— Kimberly J. Wines, SPHR, Firm Administrator
     Smith Elliott Kearns & Company, LLC

Building Interpersonal Skills for Effective Management
Using an experiential approach, this workshop helps individuals develop their interpersonal skills to be better managers and leaders. This workshop will help you build both your competence and confidence in:

Applying proven communication techniques to day-to-day conversations and situations.
Using an understanding of employee motivation and morale to inspire and ecourage those with whom you work.
Giving and receiving feedback.
Gaining and sustaining commitment to behavioral change.
Building high performance project teams that utilize the strengths, talents, and work styles of team members.
Creating professional growth opportunities within the professional services environment.


“Combining their wealth of knowledge and experience with their
interactive learning styles, Diane and Tom challenge our participants to
learn powerful interpersonal tools and techniques that they are able to
immediately apply on the job."
— Lauren Malensek, Chief Human Resource Officer
     Priority One, Clifton Gunderson LLP

Feedback for Future Action
Using Inform2ActionSM (a CoachM2 property), a fact-based approach to infusing more human information faster into your organization, this workshop helps you:

Take the judgment out of feedback.
Shift the focus to also “soliciting” performance information.
Identify exactly what actions will produce the desired outcomes.
Develop the right “hook” to engage the true interest of others.

Developing Coaching Capabilities
Building on your feedback skills, coaching with a colleague or employee can literally produce a breakthrough in minutes. You don’t have to be a psychologist in order to:

Map-the-Facts, using a practical logic tool to keep the conversation fact-based and open.
See new solutions by rigorously assessing the situation.
Allow the person you are coaching to “own” the resulting insight and action.

Strategic Selling
Using the SalesGameTM business development process and unique combination of workshop time and follow-on coaching, we work with practice teams to integrate a proven sales process and develop a sales discipline for practice growth. This approach consists of:

A front-end assessment of the skills and experience of the professionals within the practice team.
Three skill-building workshops customized to the experience level of the audience and targeting the development of specific core professional services selling skills and techniques.
Follow-on coaching sessions utilizing real selling situations to reinforce and practice skills and techniques learned in the workshops.
One-on-one coaching of team leaders related to creating a business development culture and leading sales management within the team setting



“Your aspirations are your possibilities."
— Samuel Johnson


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